Haunt Group looking Scripter and Builder/Map Maker


My name if iFang_z. I am the founder of Hell’s Domain Haunted Attraction. We are a new Haunt group set to open our game up This Fall! Out main game will offer many different Haunted Houses and Scare Zones throughout the park for our guests to experience, sorta like Halloween Horror Nights! We’re looking for individuals who are just obsessed over Halloween as we are!

The Team
iFang_z - Founder & Attraction Builder
BloxyReality - Attraction Builder and Detailer
Harusoru - Animator

About The Scripting Job

At the moment, we are looking for an experienced scripter who can help us script our Automatic Scare Actors and effects throughout our different attractions. Essentially, certain NPC’s will need to act out the specified animation when the player walks to a certain spot within the walkthrough, or scare zone. If you have a passion for creating fear for others to experience, contact us!

About the Building Job

In order to relieve the stress of constantly building in order to meet our goal, we are seeking our possibilities of having a builder work along with us to help create our main map! Essentially, the main map will be the game that players first join upon clicking play. The map would be similar to that of a Halloween Theme Park! However instead of just thrill rides there are Haunted Houses and Scare Zones throughout the map. If you specialize in Gothic/Horror themed styles of building, contact us!


Payment can be negotiated. At the moment we won’t be able to compensate viaR$, but can play via USD until our main game is released.

Contact Us

Contact me on Discord: Rainbow_Rolo#5116 for more details about this position!
You must be 13 years or older to apply.


What style of building do you want low poly high poly realistic or cartoony

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Looks promising, take a look at my portfolios (I have quite a few but I’d say look at my most recent one) and contact me on Discord if you think that I would fit with this job.

User - m;#5299

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Hi I would like to do the scripting job! My Discord is:


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I’d love to apply for the building job! I work in a low-poly style if that’s alright

ROBLOX: a_voc
Discord: AVO#0533

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High poly, preferably. Or a happy medium between that and realistic.

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I would like to apply for the building job! I actually have experience in creating haunted attractions like HHN and created a group game with three mazes that got thousands of visits! If you’re interested in checking that out, it’s here: https://www.roblox.com/games/2671859041/The-Horror-Mazes
Although do be aware that I made the game quite a while ago and I wasn’t good at animating the jumpscares, and have gotten better at building recently.
If you want to see the rest of my portfolio, it’s here:
[Builder Portfolio] crafter585 | Builder for Hire
If you want to talk to me further, you can reply to this comment or message me on Discord: Laemmle#8800


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