Have any way to make the cancollide work (move the part) even with the part anchored?

I made a skill that create a big sphere that Will trap Players

The problem that you saw, the sphere can get stuck inside other parts, I thought about using cancollide but I also need to use anchored (so the sphere doesn’t fall), but it is impossible to use both together, what could I do?

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You can add one, or more, NoCollisionConstraint, to the blocks that you don’t want to have collisions.
I recommend you look at this article to better understand how to do this.

I think you dont understand, this wont help me, why Will i want remove collide ? I just don’t want the sphere to go into another building, but I also need it to be anchored so it doesn’t fall from the sky, and using cancollide doesn’t work if the part is anchored

If you want it to stay in the sky, and collide with objects, just weld the ball to an anchored part in the sky, then destroy the anchored part when you want it to fall. This is a simple solution to the problem you have.

you didn’t understand too, the cancollide doesn’t work if the sphere is anchored right? there is my problem, I do not want the sphere to get stuck inside some other construction, but if I activate the cancollide and do not activate the anchored the sphere will fall, and if I activate the anchored the cancollide will not work, understand?

I regret not having understood, but your question is not entirely understandable.

The NoCollisionConstraint only works for two parts in particular, so if you want one part not to have collisions with many parts, you must add more than one.
If you don’t want to do that, but if you don’t want the sphere to get inside other buildings, you should calculate where the sphere should be spawned, or you should calculate the size of the sphere.
If you are teleporting the sphere to the player, obviously it will get into other constructions, since what it does is move the sphere directly to the position, or CFrame, of the player, regardless of the collisions.

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The sphere does not need to be anchored, make an extra part (such as a small cube in the sky next to the sphere) and anchor that part. Once you’ve done that, weld the cube and the sphere together. This way, when you need the sphere to be dropped, use Destroy() to get rid of the anchored cube, which will allow the sphere to fall to the ground with CanCollide enabled.

So i should make a cube that only collide with the sphere?

Not necessarily. You want the sphere to be able to collide with other parts and not clip through them, right? So the cube does not need CanCollide enabled. As long as the sphere has been unanchored, the cube is anchored, and the parts are welded together, you should be good.

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I think iam understanding, but i weld the cube on sphere or the sphere on cube? Or dont make difference

I mean part0 = sphere part1= cube or part0 = cube and Part 1 = sphere ?

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I made a very no sense, no one was understanding so i made a New one better, to be easy to people understand

The order doesn’t matter, as long as they are welded. :grin:

Dont work,
the fact that one is anchored does not let the other move