Having a link to your game's website

Hi, are games allowed to advertise their own website (not on the game page, inside the actual game)?

If you have had read the Roblox community guidlines, it says “Offsite website links, services and additional 3rd Party content are not permitted on Roblox except from Youtube, twitter and twitch”

If you could think about it logically, would you think Roblox will allow website links in the game to be showed out to players? I don’t think so because that website might be super innappropriate.

You could possibly say something alike “etc etc on our website!” however not linking your game’s site. Do you think this is allowed?

Well it depends where the link is to be honest, you can say “etc etc on this website” but you can’t put the link of your website anywhere in Roblox. You could probably just make them access discord and get it from there, since discord only allows users who are >13.

Question to add onto this question

If you can link your youtube channel in the social links, what stops you from linking your discord on your youtube channel or different websites?

I’ve seen many YouTubers and plenty from the star program do this sometimes :thinking:


I quite not understand your question, could you clarify? (I’m a little bit tired, haha)

If you had a youtube channel
and you make videos (of course).

What stops you from making a video or a post on your youtube channel leading to your discord invite or other websites?

There is a rule where you cannot show or give discord/notify there is a discord on roblox unless you’re over 13 in which case, there is the social links that appear. And of course, you cant link different websites as well.

However, I’ve seen many youtubers with games that link their youtube channels, and these videos often show merchandise, linking to other websites. This happens with star program people, developers, etc.

I haven’t seen them enforcing rules there for some reason? If they’re not allowed, why aren’t they being enforced to other people? Is there a reason?

Side node, I’m still standing by saying this is not allowed, however, this is just a question.


I think it’s because that they don’t control anything outside of Roblox, if a player clicks on a youtube channel and clicks a website link that is dangerous in the youtube channel they have clicked then Roblox wouldn’t be in trouble, I’d say the youtuber would be in trouble instead.

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I am mostly curious if games are allowed to advertise their own merchandise or website (with/without link).

I emailed roblox support and both responses were unsufficient/unrelatable to my questions.

Jailbreak currently advertises their own merchandise on their game page through a thumbnail (no link provided), they show the logos of Amazon and Target, which is where they sell.

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So you’re saying that:
The pals
and many more other people would possibly get in trouble? (I might’ve named some wrong people however, it still applies to most people, with groups linking to their youtube channel/social links.)

The rule is very vague in my opinion, there should be a definite answer rather than saying its not allowing yet people still doing it? @Blizzmond also says a good example.

Since Jailbreak is a front page game, I believe that they go in a certain protocol with Roblox so that they are allowed to do that sort of thing because it said in the community guidelines that you cannot share offsite links other than Youtube, Twitter and Twitch.

Yes actually as jailbreak pet sim and all other things have linked the websites