Having trouble enabling bubble chat

I am trying to enable chat bubbles in my game

Attempted doing this:

Overriding the default chat modules to do this

When you run the game, you should see some what modules that newly appeared under the chat service. Look in the folder called client chat modules. Copy the folder. Paste it into chat once the game has stopped running. Then, delete everything except the chat settings module

Then, look in that script left and change the following lines:

— Replace with true/false to force the chat type. Otherwise this will default to the setting on the website.
module.BubbleChatEnabled = PlayersService.BubbleChat
module.ClassicChatEnabled = PlayersService.ClassicChat

This hasn’t worked for me, and I’ve tried some other methods suggested here on the forums with no luck. Would appreciate any help.

I suggest you to look into this awesome tutorial made by colbert2677 (not going to tag cuz pings).

It explains how you can change the chat type and other chat settings without forking. If it does not work, you can reply back.