HD Admin - Pack Process & Roles

1. Setup your pack

  • A pack is a group of 5 commands.
  • Load up the HD Admin Trello Commands Board.
  • Select and drag a card from Packs-To-Do to Packs-In-Process, OR create a new card. Join the card if using an existing one.
  • Setup your 5 commands as a checklist.

2. Create the commands

  • Before beginning a command…
  • Once ready, begin creating commands in your development place (found in discord under #:hammer:places).
  • Ping @Modeler if you need a model built during the creation of your pack.

3. Publishing your pack

  • Once complete, tick off all the commands within your card and transfer to ‘Completed Packs’.
  • Test your commands and fix any surface-layer bugs.
  • Ping @Testers in #:speech_balloon:feedback to verify your pack, making sure to include a link of your Trello card.
  • Correct any recommendations and bugs from the testers.
  • Once Tester approved, your pack will be code-reviewed by a Lead member. If necessary, amend any issues from your code review.
  • Once Lead approved, you’ll be paid accordingly for your pack and your commands added to the MainModule. We will be keeping packs on standby until December for when the new commands framework is implemented.


  • Once a Team member completes their pack, they will ping you with a link to their Trello card.
  • Locate their development place under #:hammer:places
  • Review and test all commands within that pack.

1. Reviewing

  • For fun commands, is the command as fun as it can be? Do the commands contain suitable descriptions and aliases?
  • If not, ping the developer of the pack to make any necessary amendments.
  • Read the Fun & Essential Commands guide for more info.

2. Testing & Debugging

  • Does the command function as intended, even under unusual circumstances? Does it work for multiple players, after other commands, when you respawn, etc?
  • Gather a list of bugs for the whole command pack, then once thoroughly tested, ping the developer to make any fixes if needed.
  • Repeat the process if bug fixes were required.
  • Once bug-free, ping @Lead with the developer’s Trello card to send the pack off for code-review.


  1. Core maintenance and improvement
  2. Providing support and answering questions for team members
  3. Code review for command packs
  4. Creating your own command packs during quiet weeks

Code Review

Once Testers have completed their review, they will ping you with a developer’s Trello card pack.

  • Locate their development place under #:hammer:places
  • Review the code for the commands within that command pack:
  • Things to consider and watch out for…
    • Inefficient/harmful/malicious code
    • Server-side vulnerabilities
    • If assets have been used, do they contain any scripts, and if so, are they meant to be there?
    • Is code written within the scope of the command?
    • Is the developer using core functions and practises mentioned in the documentation?
    • Have they organised their code clearly?
  • Fix any minor mistakes, otherwise ask the developer to amend the pack. For abusive code, please inform me.
  • Once approved, drag the card to ‘Approved Packs’

Transferring approved commands to the MainModule

  • Coming soon

Team Payment Levels

1. Simple-Simple (12.50 USD) (3750 R$)

Short, simple commands, often with code replicated from previous commands.

2. Simple (25.00 USD) (7500 R$)

Commands basic in design, taking minimal time to complete.

3. Simple-Standard (37.50 USD) (11,2500 R$)

A variation of simple and standard commands.

4. Standard (50.00 USD) (15,000 R$)

Commands requiring more thought and time.

5. Standard-Complex (62.50 USD) (18,750 R$)

A variation of standard and complex commands.

6. Complex (75.00 USD) (22,500 R$)

Sophisticated commands which take significantly more time to complete.

This works out to about 10-20 USD/hour which can increase as you become more familiar with the command creation process and core functions.

Modeler Payments

Lead Payments


  • Payments can be made in USD or GPB via paypal, or Robux via the HD Admin Group. Please mention your preferred method to me before submitting your first pack.

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