Heal up dead players

So I have seen in many games related to a show that whenever a character dies and it clicks on hold on and not respawning a player can resurrect it but when it does the character doesn’t just load back in and stand, instead their health bar just goes from 0 and climbs up back to the max health how is this achieved? without just immediatlely doing Player:LoadCharacter() to make it look a bit more smoother and realistic

Idk where to start on that, but i found a few forums that might help.

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Hi! Let’s start with how to damage the humanoid:
Everything needs to be on the server for this to work.
Here’s an example:

local DownedPlayers = {}
function Damage(Character,Amount:number)
	local Player = game:GetService('Players'):GetPlayerFromCharacter(Character)
	if Character:FindFirstChild('Humanoid') and (Character:FindFirstChild('Humanoid').Health > 0) then
		if DownedPlayers[Character] then
			-- do your stuff here
		if Character.Humanoid > Amount then
		elseif Character.Humanoid <= Amount then

This code is rushed, I don’t know if it works either but you got an idea on how to make a down system
You cant really revive an humanoid beside respawning the player back to the location the player died