Helicopter welding rotations

So I am trying to make a helicopter and have the rotors spin, but it ends up spinning my whole helicoper round, I know this is because of welds and things, I have singular welds connecting it together.

Is there a way to do this to make only the rotars spin?

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I think you need to switch the welds from the rotors to joints. I might be wrong tho.

A weld welds things together, so, whatever affect one object that is welded to another, the other will be affected also. So you should not use a weld

As @TOP_Crundee123 said, the usage of welds here is not needed, it actually ruins what’s supposed to happen. You can simply use a Motor constraint, connecting it between the helicopter’s body and the rotors, and simply it will start spinning

Set the rotor instances’ Massless property to true. Otherwise, when the rotors rotate they cause the entire helicopter to also rotate.