[Help] Anti-UWP Script aka Anti Skid

yes correct

they already found the bypass and it works like this:

hooks version and Version functions and replaces with byfron client version

hooks tostring so it returns 64 bit instead of 32 bit when trying tostring a table

do you think skids enough smart to understand that? you can replace “anti uwp kick” text with “you have been banned forever for exploiting” or such false text lol

It could be misleading to say that a totally innocent user that just wants to play the game in an UWP roblox client suddenly gets “banned” for “exploiting”

Word would get around that its false text easy probably, also wouldn’t recommend for innocent users of the roblox windows version as there can be some normal players too. You should always prioritize the lowest amount of friction for the normal player base over a small bit of the cheating community having a slightly harder time by having to update their scripts.

Most perm or long bans should be done by humans or a dev team. Never the anti-cheat as there is something that can always go wrong with it. Unless they trip a lot of signs of cheating. Which then kicking them or giving them 7 day or less ban is a lot more better.

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You do realize that anything that happens on the client can be exploited and bypassed, right? Also, that’s a very bright idea to just prevent all the innocent players with UWP clients from playing your game :joy:. If an exploiter really hated your game enough and wanted to exploit on it they could just disable the script before it even kicks you when they join your game and exploit to their hearts desire.

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Then just kick them, and tell them UWP roblox is not allowed, and to just go on normal roblox.

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