Help changing air friction on characters

(First post, sorry if it’s a little vague, but I’m desperate)
I’m trying to create a game based around rocket jumping (inspired by TF2) and have hit a bit of a snag. Whenever I’m moving quickly in the air, all that horizontal speed is quickly lost before I even hit the ground. There seems to be a system of air friction in place.

Is there a way to override/remove this effect? I’m hoping to get aerial trajectories similar to that of a part, with no drag or air resistance.

To be clear, I’m not looking for an entire script, just a starting point. Is there some physics setting I can change, or an event I can :Connect to, or just an idea of how I might go about this? I’ve looked up and down the forums and haven’t gotten any real answers.

Unfortunately, this is not possible with the default humanoid controllers.

Luckily the new ones have been released which should have a property MaintainLinearMomentum for the air controls.

Otherwise you can make your own controller.

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how can I replace the controller? Is there a guide you might reccomend?
I already tried a few things but they didnt do anything

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