Help Finding The Right Web API

I’m making a donation game, and I am unable to find the right API to Get A List Of Gamepasses That A Specific User Has Put On Sale

I’m able to get t-shirts to work, although I am unable to find a solution to find gamepasses.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Search before posting, this has already been answered many times.

Asset type ID for gamepasses is 34.!/Inventory/get_v2_users_userId_inventory

This doesn’t really help as from my knowledge this displays all owned gamepasses, not gamepasses created by a specific user.

It is correct but you can filter the results to extract those created by the user, otherwise you can get all games created by the user and then all their gamepasses.

True. I just tested it out, and it says that 34 is not a valid asset type.

According to the official reference it is AssetType | Roblox Creator Documentation

Am I inputting is incorrectly?

Oh sorry I forgot the API doesn’t support gamepasses you will need to use the other method I talked about earlier.

This post explains it well:

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