Help i can't play Roblox but I can open Roblox Studio

I can’t open Roblox game but I can open Roblox Studio

Everything I opened Roblox my laptop just freeze and I need to hold power button to restart my laptop

Vice versa I can open Roblox Studio and I can even play my game


Please give more Details about your current issue.

State your PC Specs, Tell us If this occurs on your Roblox Launcher only and many more Info that could help us solving your current problem.


Try to follow the fixes stated in this reply:


Try deleting, reinstalling the latest version of ROBLOX, permanently remove it from your cloud and harddrive

check or private all your games in studio ensure there are no viruses, you haven’t been hacked or anything like that, lastly make sure the game you’re playing is not a game too powerful to blow your laptop, it is possible


I fixed that by deleting startup booster app i think it was a virus

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