Help looking for lua ide

Hello, I would like to know options to be able to program in lua (lua ide) which one do you recommend using and how is it configured or installed? I’m with visual studio code and I can’t run my code.

I had to use an online lua ide to run my code

does someone know any lua ide?

There aren’t any Lua specific IDEs (that I know of), but for RLua, you can use VSC and this extension.

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Why not use the built-in editors with Roblox Studio?

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Have you tried using Eclipse? Clear workspace and easy to manage.


Lua doesn’t really do much standalone, thus there’s not really a market to create a full IDE for Lua. You can usually get away with either compiling the Lua source code or downloading pre-built Lua binaries and then running your code off of that.


I don’t remember exactly what I did but if you look up “Visual Studio Code Lua” in youtube, you’ll likely find the video I used to set up an IDE for Lua.

Keep in mind all code you run on your IDE will not work on Roblox (through my method) due to differences in an IDE to an engine. I suggest using Roblox Studio though.

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I like to use repl its pretty good!


Thank you all very much for your comments! I am very grateful. :smiley: