Help making a black-out screen

You can put it in StarterPlayer just remove local Char = LocalPlayer.Character and it should be fine.

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The model or just the script? I’m guessing the script.

Yeah only the script nothing else. Make sure that CutScene is in playergui though.

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I got this in the output: Players.TeamDreams123.PlayerScripts.LocalScript:1: Expected '(', '{' or <string> when parsing function call, got '[' - Studio - LocalScript:1

local Part = workspace:FindFirstChild("ClickableButton"):FindFirstChild("Press Part")
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Should I add that in the script? I should probably just private message you and we will continue from there?

You can just replace the first part of the script to what i posted.

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Okay, thank you! I will mark you as a solution if it works…

EDIT: It doesn’t work, and I’ll start private messaging you.