Help needed in interpreting microprofiler


As we’re closer and closed to getting to the release date of our game and we’re almost done I had to develop on my slower laptop and decide to lag-test the game. Nothing special, just publish & play. Oh my god, it was laggy. I couldn’t even move the mouse without lag. :see_no_evil:

A week ago we already did a lot of improvements on the scenery to stop lagging on that, but that doesn’t seem to resolve much on this computer.

I took a screenshot of the microprofiler:

All I know from the microprofiler is how to pause it and select the right moment, which I did in the screenshot above. Would there someone be so kind to assist me in changing this image to an explanation of what causes the lag in this case?

Thanks in advance. :heart:

To determine the root cause of lag spikes, I’d recommend the “Memory” tab in the developer console. If scripts take a significant part, you can check the “Scripts” tab to find the memory leaks.

More about performance optimizations:

Taking a closer look to your screenshot, do you have many physic calculations in your game?


Try my guy as suggested and show us what you find.