Help on making character turn slower

Hello Dev’s!

I am trying to have my custom starter character rotate slowly, in a bigger radius, is there any chance I can change that? When I spam WASD, the character just simply spins around in a circle, which does not look good.

I would love to get some help!

Randomize the speed of the humanoid when it’s rotating

Humanoids as a character controller don’t have an option to control rotation speed as they only have the Humanoid.AutoRotate property.

So I made my own character controller which has AlignOrientation so you can adjust it in AutoRotate.lua module.

Hi, thank you so much, is there any chance you could upload a studio file with that CharacterController implemented? I kinda don’t understand how to use your project or implement it in my game…

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There’s a place file that should be uncopy locked.

You can also consider this resource:

you helped me a lot. Thank you so much.

This Roblox resource can also be used to slow turn speeds and affect the Humanoid AutoRotate speed. Follow its instructions to place a ControllerManager into your StarterHumanoid, then, you can copy all those instances into any other Humanoid, and finally adjust the ControllerManager’s BaseTurnSpeed property.

New Humanoid Physics Controller - Beta - Updates / Announcements - DevForum | Roblox

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TYSM, You saved a ton of time for me!

Glad I could help :grin: Unfortunately, be aware that at the time of this writing, the new humanoid physics controllers are still not released from Beta & when I tested it, it only worked in Studio.