[Help or Tips] Game Logo GFX

Hello there fellow person reading! I’m in need of some advice with my GFX skills. I’m new to GFX so some tips or help will suffice. Anyways, here are my creations.


These both are eye-catching pieces of artwork which I would think would do the job well.

If you wanted some tips, here’s what I recommend:

  • If you’re going to create a knockout group, I recommend making sure that parts of the text don’t reappear above/below the glyph. (e.g. the last two N’s in “Running”)

  • In this case, If say if you’ve got a gradient on the bottom text going from light to dark, I’d replicate it on the bottom text with a similar difference in brightness/colour

  • My personal favourite, “Monkey Simulator” I feel should have the bananas on top of the text with a slight drop shadow or a knockout group.

Overall, as a start, these are two solid pieces of work and you should be proud of yourself! :smile:

What software do you use? Maybe you should take a look at this post

Hard to make a good logo without the right software.

Thank you! I as well feel like Monkey Simulator was pretty good!

The graphic design software I use is Adobe Photoshop 2021.