[Help Please] My train keeps tilting at curves

Hello devforum, I have a problem

My vector velocity train keeps tilting at curved tracks. I’ve tried added density to the gliders under the train but it doesn’t work.

Video of problem:
Screen Recording (2-09-2022 10-14-44 AM).wmv (2.3 MB)

Any solutions will be appreciated

A video of your train moving doesn’t tell us enough information.
Your problem might be that your gliders are too small, the MeshPart rails aren’t rendered physically the same as they are rendered visually, or that you don’t have anything under the tracks holding the train down and the gliders are just riding up.

Search posts by me about trains because I’ve posted a few times and provided a model that uses VectorForce to drive the train up to over 200 studs/second without derailing.

I tried using your rbxl place it works but can you explain how it works

It’s not a big deal. You should actually be proud of it, because you’ve just made a tilting train!

Jokes aside, this is happening because you have gliders in between the rails only. The gliders consist of spheres, meaning they can move in any direction, and there’s also no wheel to force the train to stay upright.
To fix this, you would need to make it so that the train physically cannot tilt. This could be as simple as adding another glider under the rails.

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Ok I’ll try it now, thank you so much.

It works however it still tilts and the train just stops and then moves again
(Orange Sphere) is glider under the rails

Either use one big square glider, or use multiple spherical gliders under the rails, adjacent to the existing gliders. Since the orange glider is spherical, it still allows the train to tilt on the edges.

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It’s still happening, sorry for not giving alot of information. I changed the lower gliders to blocks but the same problem is this happening. This is how the tracks are arranged. There are invisible walls on the track for collisions. I noticed when the lower glider hits the part it will just get stuck.

  • You need wheels or gliders above the rails to hold the train down.
  • You need bigger gliders since yours will allow them to “push through” the rails. I suggest using one big horizontally hinged Cylinder between the rails, slightly smaller in diameter than the gap between the rails, and just slightly smaller in length than the height of the rails.
  • You need a bigger glider under the rails in a Collision Group that doesn’t hit anything but the rails themselves.

Look at this post:

I made a model train that I’ve put in a few posts, they should have come up if you used the Search tool up top. It uses physics to drive because it’s pretty simple. The explanation of how it works is in the post I linked.

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