[HELP pls] Collision groups not functioning as expected

Bro whats that music, did you try anchoring the script?

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Try checking the output… does it say anything? There must be something wrong, try doing the manual way that @VideoLegend005 mentioned. (Make sure it’s in a server script too)

The output is in the video, my output is clear, and manual way doesn’t make any difference

Yeah, I just realized that the output is in the video and have you even tried doing the manual way before declaring the fact that it doesn’t do any difference? Always important to try before assuming things.

No I tried it, it didn’t work for me, but it’s all good I’ll somehow figure out to keep the NPC on the sidewalk

Are you using PathFindingService to move the NPC? The service might indicate the barriers as an object thus moving away from the sidewalk, if you get what I mean…

I do use pathfindingservice, only time it will actually stay on sidewalk is collide is true on the barriers, but I don’t keep it on because it just would be impossible to access the sidewalk, and turning cancollide to false through client also has no point since I use raycast for some things

thus the reason I use physicservice ^ (since NPC’s don’t have their own client + pathfinding done from server