Help resizing parts in one direction

Hi, I’m trying to resize a group of meshes I have along the Z axis, and it is crucial that each of the parts in the group are resized so that they are still connected to each other, however, as of yet I have found no way to accomplish anything like this. I have tried more un orthodox solutions, such as using F3X to attempt to resize these parts along one axis, yet they do not scale correctly. The only other potential I have is to resize in blender, but due to the amount of meshes I am dealing with at once, I want to avoid this at all costs.

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Could you post a picture of group you are trying to re-size so we could see how exactly they should still be connected to each other?

I assume you want to change the whole models size on the Z axis but keep the aspect ratios inside the model the same, correct? There is a plugin that does this, but I’m not 100% sure that’s what you are looking for.

It also costs 40 robux

I hope this helped. Good luck.

If they are individual MeshParts connected in parallel (you didn’t say if they are parallel or in line with each) with each other (not meshes inside models that are end to end) then use Studio Build Suite - Roblox by Fractality.
Select each Mesh then use the resize tool. It’ll resize (not scale) each Mesh.
If they are in line with each other, you’ll have to resize them and then move each one to align with the next one in line.

Here’s a screenshot of the meshes I’m attempting to resize

and this is what I want to prevent from happening when I do resize

Yeah, the plugin I mentioned does exactly what you are trying to do. Here’s a quick demonstration with a similar setup, terrain split up into multiple meshes grouped together

if you can’t get the plugin, then best you can do would be exporting the meshes into blender, re-scaling them, and importing them back. That will take a lot of time though.

Good luck.