Help: Spawn part front of player when click on gui button

Oh I forget to set it to the camera:

No Problem, glad it worked, ViewportFrame’s will be very useful for future situations.

See Result I gonna make gui button to open a scrolling frame and see all of the parts

Your Welcome, You could spice up the UI by adding a TextLabel that says “Burn” And Position It Under The Button, But Thats If You Want To.

Nice, I Should Study Leaderstats More lol, Atleast i can understand this code.

Oh Ik it’s sucks leaderstats

How to make this into a server-side script:

Unfortunately i’ll have to see how to tmrw, cuz i gtg, cya.

Cya man Tysm
I gonna make the script into a remote event

Sounds like a good idea, hopefully it works.