Help understanding the Developer Console data

In my game, when joining a server that has been running for a long period of time, everyone’s movement is very laggy (not your own movement, just everyone else) So I assume this means the server is becoming bogged down with something.

If I force reset all the servers (sad players) then everyone is running smooth again.

I noticed in the Developer Console that the server memory usage gradually keeps increasing.

So to try and find out where the problem is, I need to find a good tutorial or information on what the different memory values are in the Dev Console, and what the Scripts tab information is telling me.

I use a messaging system to communicate client to server and back again. This uses RemoteEvents, and I see in Scripts this keeps increasing a value… is this normal?

Any information is appreciated, thanks.

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This right here, is what we call a memory leak. There are many helpful DevForum posts about this topic right here;

If your issue is still occurring, can you maybe show some of the code and methods you’re using, that you think could be causing this issue?


I guess I could have searched memory leak. I just really wanted to understand the values in the Dev Console, so better help myself in understanding what is going on.

To that end, what sort of things would be under Untracked Memory?

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