Help with a Custom Grid System

O hell no i didnt know you had a non-integer grid system. Thats a different ballgame. Condolences and good luck

On second thought show me a pic

Dont use decimals for a grid. Make the slabs size 6 3 6 and shrink the grids size. Try it and see what happens

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Using that causes the same outcome. If you want, you can come in the game and we can try some stuff.

Edit; Sorry I forgot to set permissions to Public.

Sometimes, the blocks tend to clip through other blocks, and error other block’s positionings.

make sure to add half of the parts bounding box vector to its position. that makes its ‘anchor point’, just like in UI, equal to Vector2.New(0, 0) in a sense.

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What do you mean by that? Can you please explain a little bit better please?