Help with AlignPosition and AlignOrientation

Hey there! I have been struggling with this issue for weeks now and I’ve tried searching the forum/web for solutions but found none. The issue is that the constraints seem to work fine on the server but when on the client, it behaves differently. Also, it seems that the constraint works fine on both the server and client when it takes less than 0.5 seconds to reach its target which I find to be particularly strange.

This is a video of the behavior:

This is the configurations of constraints:

This is the tween info used for tweening the end parts of the platforms:

Also, it seems that the part being tweened is registered on the client but the model attached to it by constraint isn’t updating:

I didn’t realize that my audio was been recorded so ignore the GTA IV theme song

Finally, this is what a platform is made up of in the game (The “Platform” model in the model is fully unanchored and only the “End” part is anchored and tweened):

Have you checked out the network ownership of the part?

Are you tweening on client or on the server?

Are the parts “Sleeping”?

Just some ideas for you to get started.

The end part is tweened on the server and I set the network ownership of the primary part of the “Platform” model to nil prior to tweening the end part.
However, I am not sure what you mean by “sleep”