Help With Animation (I really need help)

I’m trying to animate a sword. So far so good though I can’t move the sword. It’s very weird.

robloxapp-20210716-1210263.wmv (271.0 KB)

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Have you rigged it correctly?

RootPart(Or Arm)>Handle>Sword ?
Plus, the sword isn’t anchored, right?

The tutorial I was following told me to make a BodyAttach part and attach it using a Model6D to the upper torso. I also used Model6D and connected all the parts of the sword to the BodyAttach.

(Its not Model6D its Motor6D I read it wrong.)

Clearly you probably didn’t rigged it correctly. First check if all of the parts of the Rig are un-anchored except the HumanoidRootPart. If there are, unanchor them. If not, try to rig it how I wrote.

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I tried to follow a tutorial and it only talked about using Model6D, I can put the link to the tutorial here. I’m sorry if I’m being difficult right now I’m not too experienced with animation.