Help with buying products

im trying to use roblox’s API to purchase some items but for some reason after so many times of getting from this url it will just give me an error and will continue giving me errors for the remaining id’s:{Id}

if you need my code i can send.

Unsure what you wanna do exactly, but did you read [Action Needed] Sunsetting

Also, do you use that URL in Studio?

no. i coded a bot in python that buys items from the catalogue but to do that i need the product id. and to get the product id i need to use this:{Id}

and after a certain amount of times getting from that api it just gives me an error

You gotta use the X-CSRF-Token and account cookie in your request to buy items:

Your URL will just retrieve information about a product and it works fine for me:

Maybe send some additional pieces of code if I got it wrong.