Help with hitbox system!

Why not use the Raycast Hitbox 4.01 module? I personally use that module when creating melees because…

  1. Hitboxes can ignore the player using the melee
  2. The hitbox is extremely accurate (due to using ray casting and not parts)
  3. The hitbox is reliable (it will keep working and not break)
  4. The hitbox will only damage a player once, and can detect and damage multiple players at once
  5. Way easier to program and implement onto melees than creating hitboxes using parts

Which just so happens to fix all of the problems you are facing right now so I would highly recommend that you check it out!

(Seems like @TheCraftNCreator has already mentioned it, but it just shows how amazing the module is when creating melee weapons)

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Thanks for replying! The thing is, is that I’ve used this before and it causes lag, so inaccurate (it hit someone super far away from me), and can’t figure out a way to make a localized way to show and not show the rays.

Lag? Were you running it serverside?