Help with making a door

I made a glass door for my fireplace, and I want to make it that when you click the door handle, the door opens. I do this by tweening the door’s position and rotation, but since the door is made out of a bunch of different parts, it looks weird.

Can someone please help me out with this?

Hi! It requires some math to be able to get it decent looking, i hope this video helps!

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You can probably try welding all the parts together while they’re un-anchored and then trying tweening a single part (anchored) that acts as a pivot or hinge.

Reference some variables and mess around with the CFrame of the hinge (math.rad(90) or whatevs) and you should achieve something similar like this door I made a while back.

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This post, Introduction to Tweening Models lays out everything perfectly for you.

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