Help With Making a Updatelog

Anyone Know How i Can Make a Update Log for my Game I’m New to The Devforms.

You can put it in #bulletin-board and structure it however you want (look at other update logs for ieas). Via a link, a person can see your topic even if they’re not signed in. But, make sure you read the rules for the category as they’re a little different!


In addition to what TheCarbyneUniverse said:

  • Discord links are not allowed in that category.
  • You can reply to your own topic. For example, you could reply to your topic when an update is available. At the very first post of the thread (the topic), you could make a Table of Contents section. There would be links that would lead to a selected reply. Remember that Bulletin Board is not for discussion, no one can reply to your post, except yourself and people that have the Leader trust level.

Read more about this category here: About the Bulletin Board category