Help with making area/regional sound change effects depending on where you are (Help Needed)

So I’m currently working on some game and have almost no knowledge with coding, I usually rely on tutorials or whatever in order to get something working, but there’s thing one thing I can’t seem to get any help with, nothing on the internet nor there is something as a free model, I tried getting help by going to the Roblox discord server and going to development help to see if anyone knows this. Some people knew what I meant but they can’t seem to clearly explain it, they never told me exactly what to do to achieve this they just told me about some features I can use and the kind of scripts I can write which is not gonna help even though I already told them I can’t code.

Basically, i’m using regional sound or “area sound” where you step inside an invisible part and if you’re inside this area, music will start playing and when you exit out it will stop playing. So i’m trying to make a nightclub in my game and i’m using area sound. I want to make things realistic.

I want two things:

  1. where the area sound doesn’t play just one song and it can just be a playlist and have different songs in it.

  2. I want it so, basically in the nightclub, I want it so you hear the music muffled from the outside, and when you step inside the nightclub the music is just normally playing as well as the music will get louder the closer you get and the muffled effects start to lessen if you get closer. I know how to achieve sound effects, I used an equalizer. Another related thing is that, so if I were to build a bathroom in the nightclub, I also want it so as soon as you step into the bathroom the music gets muffled when you’re in the bathroom, and when you step out it normalizes. Specifically so when you enter the bathroom the music gets muffled and when you come back out it’s normal again. Also, I know how to add sound effects like equalizer or reverb to audio as it’s very easy.

If achieving this effect requires multiple area blocks, I would want it so the songs have to be in sync, so if you exit out of the area thats playing the music, the music will keep playing even when you’re not in it just you won’t hear it

TL;DR I’m trying to achieve effects with regional sound. I can’t code. I’m making a nightclub and I want it so area sound can play different songs and that the music can be heard outside but it’s muffled and quiet but normalizes as you get closer and go inside. I want a similar effect for the bathrooms too. Let me know what i should do to achieve these effects. Thanks.


This might help you, the Zone+ Zone+ | Retrieving players within an area/zone

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Ah, I did something exactly like this a while back for a game I was making. Since I find touch detection quite inconsistent I used a module called Zone+ by ForeverHD. Using the playerAdded and playerRemoving events of that module, when the player entered a certain area, it fired an event to a client script for the player where it changed the volume to 1 and when they left that area, back to 0.

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oh cool thanks I will give it a try!