Help with making UI scale for all screen sizes

Hey! I am posting this here because I really need help with making my UI look good on all screen sizes, this is the UI, but when the screen is resized it doesnt look right, the blue buttons are both {0.3, 0},{0.5, 0}, i want the UI to keep a good size on all screen sizes, if you can help please reply fast :smiley:

Much appreciated.

You could try resizing all of the UI for each device-type individually…is what I was told when I tried to ask :confused:

Are you using any UIAspectRatioConstraints?

This topic has been made and discussed over 100 times, next time please do some research to see if any other posts have been made about your topic.

You need to add a UIAspectRatioConstraint to your frames and image labels, and make absolutely everything in scale. If your buttons are in scale but their parents aren’t then it will have no effect.

I recommend this plugin, it is free and will convert your size and position values to scale with a click of a button, it will also add UIAspectRatioConstraints for you -

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Hi, just don’t use the offset in position and size and everything will work perfectly. :innocent:

@JosafatRe, @FilmPuppy Pretty sure the OP is already using scale, the simple fix is UIAspectRatio with a value of 1, that’ll make/keep things square while still using scale or offset, depending on what you’re currently using which is scale so it’ll scale normally by a square shape.|