Help With My First GFX!

Hello fellow robloxians,
a couple of days ago I was scrolling on the DevForum when I came across a post about some feedback on a GFX, I thought it looked awesome so I put my efforts into making my own GFX.
Fast forward 1 hour and I have my paint-rig in Blender and about to put on the texture, when the image loads on my paint-rig it comes out sideways and to big for the avatar. I think it has some thing to do with the texture mapping measurements, what do you think?

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Make sure you’ve chose the correct texture and that you didnt mess with the UV maps for the rig in any way, else, its gonna look messed up.

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Nope neither I am 100% sure I used the right texture and the first time this happened I downloaded the rig again. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

can you show the texture you’re using?

Make sure you export the texture from a R15 rig.

r15 and r6 will give you the same texture :man_shrugging:

I would like to correct you on that.

When exporting textures from both the R15 rig and R6 rig of a blank rig I got these two different textures.



Clearly, it produces two different formats. This is crucial to UV mapping.

If I said anything wrong, please correct me. Hope this helps!


ah odd, usually I am able to use and r6 and import its texture onto an r15 one and back :man_shrugging:, guess it happens when the character is simplified

Still works with r6:

R6 texture:

Actually, r15 seems to make it broken, this is from the texture you gave:

**The fix behind this would be to export the r6 characters texture then? Though it seems odd as to why it would be different :thinking: **

I’ve got a guess to what the issue is, the character might’ve been improperly exported causing the texture you see to be a square whereas the texture actually needs to be a rectangle:



Both R6 and R15 will export the same texture. However, how you export it can cause the issue. As long as you import the character correctly, it has all the things normally, and you export selection on the model itself, the issue should not occur?

r15 but with the same texture (rectangle shaped):

Though I may be incorrect for all who knows

From further testing, it seems as though roblox’s default character export yields this result only? I haven’t been able to get it on any other character, it might be due to you using the default character and possibly equipping it with accessories?

Another one from testing with roblox default r15 (this time with pink and a hat):

Final test this time with clothing on the roblox default r15 :man_shrugging:

Final conclusion:
This seems to occur in the default r15 blank character dummy the most. Try using a blank r6 character or a premade r15 character with clothing from before? (dont know the difference tbh) and you will get the rectangle texture that is needed.

To fix this:
Just use moon animator, import in a dummy character from the preset or your ID. Then import and the character texture should come out as normal.

OMG, thank you I literally spent so long on this!

I figured it out I was using the old r15 body new one but thank you so much for all the help!