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I am really new to OOP, just discovered it today and I wanted to try and rescript some stuff to make my life easier. This code in particular is being used to script an NPC.

(This is probably just a huge beginner mistake, since I’m feeling like I’m missing something extremely obvious here.)

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Whenever I call :Move(), the script errors saying:

attempt to call missing method ‘Move’ of table

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I’ve tried looking for other posts to see if theyve had the same issue but it seems that this is a small enough one that it just doesn’t get documented that frequently?
I also tried to double check and see if my format matched other people’s working code and I still came up empty.

-- Module Script

Npc = {}
Npc._index = Npc

function, ColorFromRGB)

function Npc:Move(PositionInVector3)
	local MoveValue = self:FindFirstChild("MovePosition")
	MoveValue.Value = PositionInVector3

return Npc

-- Server Script

Npc = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.NpcModule)

local TempThing ="red", Color3.fromRGB(219, 127, 127))"blue", Color3.fromRGB(128, 187, 219))

TempThing:Move(workspace.RedGoal.Position) -- this is the line that errors 

The code using the oop seems ok.

But the constructor has some things missing.

Compare between yours and one from a tutorial:

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Thank you for the help! I had the set meta table stuff hidden in, but I just realized I used one instead of two underscores in __index! A typo like that would’ve drove me crazy trying to find, thanks again for putting them side by side!