Help with physics based game

So I want to make a more physics based game, here are a couple of things I need to know how to do.

  • Ragdoll and un-ragdoll (ragdolls are great, be honest)
  • Grabbing objects, but depending on the size of the object and maybe the material they can be heavier or lighter, heavier they are they start getting dragged behind as you walk.
  • Getting hit by things moving at a high force will knock you over(ragdoll)

Thats the current list I have, if you know how to do any of these things please teach me! and thank you!

There’s a bunch of tutorials on this. You can probably find one on YouTube.

When you have your dragging system in place, just multiply the drag speed or whatever you’re gonna call it by the mass of the part

I guess you can just detect when the player is hit and then check its velocity

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Can you point me to these tutorials? I’ve looked at 5 and none of them have worked yet

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Okay sure, here’s a couple tutorials that I’ve found:

Here’s just a death ragdoll tutorial:

With grabbing objects you can use this tutorial here:

but you will have to add some little extra stuff to make it so that it considers the object’s mass into the dragging.

And for the uhh hit detection, you could either make a hitbox or you could use a in pairs loop and add a .Touched event to every part in the player which is pretty inefficient.

Then you would just get whatever part touched the player and check its .Velocity property

sorry for the late response I’m at school lol

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