Help with playing an animation on my rig

i need some help with my rig

robloxapp-20201111-1230415.wmv (247.6 KB)

im wondering if theres a script thats possible to play the animation i made for the imported rig?

To load the animation onto the humanoid do:

local anim = script.Anim -- Replace this with your path to the animation Instance
local humanoid = script.Parent:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid") -- Replace this with the path to your humanoid Instance
local loadedAnimation = humanoid:LoadAnimation(anim)

loadedAnimation is an AnimationTrack

to play it you then write


right now the script is made to work if it is inside the Character/Npc model and it have an Animation instance named “Anim” with the animationId set to your animation’s id as a child

you can find more information about AnimationTracks here:

Humanoid:LoadAnimation is depreated

Instead, use Animator:LoadAnimation.

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