Help with rename chat command

in the last CharacterAdded "end " have an “)”

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Oh this works without errors! but the player name does not change :frowning:

oh, i dont know how to fix that i’m sorry :confused:

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It’s okay, no problem, thank you very much! :smiley: thank you very much for all your effort :smiley:

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In the past I normally have changed the model name of the character. The model name of a player’s character in the past is usually what results in the username above their head.

I haven’t been keeping up much with DisplayNames, but last I heard I thought they had gotten disabled, at least, temporarily.

Oh I think I know what the problem is. You wrote in the that if the player types .rename then the name and then the new name needed, it will work. This should’ve worked, but look, you wrote '.rename '…Player2.Name…msg2. This is with NO spaces. Roblox cannot tell if it starts a new word or not. To fix this just at a …" " in the middle. This is how the new script should look like:

if message == '.rename ' .. Player2.Name.."".. msg2 then

Oh i see :cold_sweat: How could I change that msg2 for the text that the player writes? :scream:

Oh yes I understand the problem, give me a bit of time ill get back to you

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Thanks you a lot brother! :smiley:

Ok I have 2 solutions for you. First one, you make it so that the player chats twice to make it work. So the first time they type .rename Someone. and then on a second line they type what they want to rename the person too. The second solution is much much worse as you make a list of pre-defined names and these names are the only names that the player can rename the other player to. Tell me which solution you prefer and ill tell you the code for it.

what do you mena with chats twice to make it work? :scream:

I meant that they will first chat “.rename Someone”
and type enter, and then they will type the new name.
.rename AAD232007

This should change my name to Somebody

Oh I understand, but there is no way to make this only be written once .rename someone newNameHere :scream:

I can’t think of any solution I’m sorry. If I find one I will tell you.
Edit: I have an idea, but this will stroll away from the chat commands entirely. My idea is to use a GUI to make this work.

The DisplayName property on the humanoid has NOTHING to do with the new update coming out soon. DisplayName on the humanoid is just what it shows above a player’s head. Renaming the model will throw an error by the way.

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Alright, so I’ve seen your previous post and assume you’re creating an admin system. I was going to respond to this post with the code that you provided, albeit edited on my part. However, I noticed that you seem to be coding your admin system so its rigid and specific. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing in coding it isn’t what you want to do for an admin system. For an admin system you want to make it so it has a strict structure and dataflow for processing the events and then a modular design for the commands that allows you to easily create new ones. You want to have a system in place to handle the things listed below:

  • A listener for whenever a player chats.
  • Some sort of parser to process, convert, and filter the data received whenever the player does speak.
  • A command module that makes is easy to expand and add new commands (If you ever want to add new commands that is.)
  • (optional) A rank system for level of access to commands.
  • (optional) Some sort of logger to store event data for the game session.

Of course you don’t have to have all of this. When you are developing something on your own it’s what you want to do that matters. These are just tips to help make it easier to develop one. I’ve taken your base code and transformed it into an Admin System to help you get started. You can get it here.

P.S. - If you want me to make it so it Saves your data about who is admin and/or for what names people have then just tell me and I’ll update the module and tell you in this topic when it’s been updated.


OMG! That programming is of another level, how long have you been programming? And thank you very much, I’m super interested in the rename part but I don’t know how to implement it in my code, could you help me with that?

P.S. I know how to create modules, the truth is that it is difficult for me to understand your programming, but I could implement mine in a module and it would be much easier for me to understand everything, would this work in the same way?

I’ve been programming in Roblox Lua for around 2-3 years now. Depending on how you structure your module script, yes you will be able to use it (somewhat) the same. The reason I say somewhat the same is because my commands module uses metatables at the end before returning the table so that the logger is able to print the command name easier. Just think of a module script as a table that is independent of your original script. However, using the require() function you are able to use it in any script that can access it. You can find out more about module scripts here.

As a side note, because module scripts return a table you are able able to structure the table like you would an ordinary one. Just as any table, you can arrange it into an array, a dictionary, or mixed version of both. However, most of the time it is more beneficial to structure your table in the form of a dictionary. Also, if you want to know more about metatables you can learn it about it from these resources:


All you need to know about Metatables and Metamethods
Metatables, Metamethods, ModuleScripts and OOP

Metatables can be incredibly hard to wrap your mind around at first but once you get the concept it becomes remarkably easy. Also, part of the code I used to parse through the messages the player chatted used String Patterns. You should learn all the string functions you can because they can be really useful. At the moment however I recommend that you just use the model I provided because it’s really easy to create commands for without having to worry about anything else. You’ll need to learn more vanilla Lua API functions and Roblox Lua API in order to create a complex admin system.


Thank you very much indeed! I have a lot to learn… :o

OOPS! Sorry, I just realized that I accidentally forgot to check if the message was a command before attempting to execute the command! My Bad! I’ve updated the model to fix this as well as make the only person with admin the game.CreatorId. You can change this in the main script in the Player.Chatted function by replacing the

if player.UserId == game.CreatorId then

with something else. If you do use the model I provided you’ll want to re-add it to your game.