Help with rigging

Is it possible to use Roblox’s default character animations for custom rigs? if so, how?

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I have never tested it but I think it’s possible if you use the same Parts as in a Default Roblox Character Rig.

For example if your game is r6 then…

A humanoid root part, Left Leg, Right Leg, Right Arm, Left Arm, Head and A Torso. Should make the animations work.

PS: I’m just guessing this so if it doesn’t work then please don’t bully me.


You can use the same animations for R15 (15 bones) and S15 (15 skinned parts), so it feels like the animations just look for the name. If you have added bones, those animations still wont look right because the extra bones won’t be animated. Probably not an issue for facial features or a tail (you can use a second animation for those), for example, but would be a catastrophic failure if you added an extra bone in the middle somewhere.

(I did this, the character flops around and it looks awful)

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Thanks, I’ll try that.

I could just weld the extra bones (which are between the arms and head) to the already existing 15 bones.

I tried that and it doesnt work, are you sure you tested it?

I started with custom R15. I don’t use any of it anymore: R6, R15, S15 or S1… but I have broken them all! You can add both bones and parts to the animation, and the game tries its best to make sense of it. Whether you name the part or the bone “Head,” that’s the instance the animation works with. If you try to name both “Head” everything stops.

The announcement post here gives instructions and an example of how to construct the models with or without bones. It looks like I might not have all the terminology right, so I apologize. R15/S15 is a very specific configuration.

And this guy, once upon a time, was my custom R15. I did not use bones like I do today. This is the default R15 run animation. It looks weird because my proportions are off.:

I tested it again and it worked, I forgot to set the Humanoid rig type to R15 :sweat_smile:

Although, I still got a problem with the animations, because the parts front direction is facing left and therefore the animation is broken, is there any way I could change the parts front direction without manually rotating each part and breaking the rig?

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If you are using blender, fix it there. So many people have tried and failed to turn the model in Roblox. I’m not convinced it’s impossible!

In blender:
Turn your model to face -Y axis. Accept all rotation. Re-import.

(This is trickier than it seems, and I never get it correct first try! I think the correct way is to turn the armature.)

To be honest I have never used blender, When you import stuff into blender you can import models or just single meshes? if I can just import the whole model, then do I just turn the entire model on that axis and export it?

It does import whole models. I have imported both obj and fbx files without issue. I recommend working with FBX if you have a choice. And yes, turn on the z axis. Ctrl-A (to accept rotation) then save.

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