Help with self and OOP

Hello, so, I see there’s many posts about OOP, but most of the times it’s like too advanced, or just in english, like, I speak spanish, and I can understand but sometimes people answer my posts in chinese for me, I need help with understanding OOP and self, like, i’ve tried with tables and well is good, but for example, on a remote event, how would I use it? also, if you can explain me how to use it too, but really basic, not like 12323 lines, something pretty simple for I can understand it, how would I use it in certain events as Player.PlayerAdded, is it possible? what are the uses for OOP and self? Thanks so much if you could help, make it understable for me! thank you.

This seemed like a good guide, perhaps look around the Dev Forum using the search engine to see if anything else helps?

This is something you could easily have just searched for, because we have many threads and even a dedicated resource about it. See above.

As far as the uses of OOP and self have, there isn’t any concrete list necessarily, just depends on your work and preferences. You are never truly going to need OOP in Roblox but sure, if you like the idea of creating objects (i.e. like Instances) and state variables associated with them for certain actions, that might interest you.