Help with Topbarplus2

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I’m just here to fix your errors, and you are trying to NOT fix errors…

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The error clearly states that the second parameter to the function takes a function, but you seem to be passing a RBXScriptConnection instead. I don’t know what your main goal is here, so the modification I’d do is this:

:bindEvent("deselected", function()
	Icon:setLabel(musicsong, "hovering")
	Icon:setLabel(musicsong, "deselected")
	Icon:setLabel(musicsong, "selected")

I am trying to make it so that when musicsong is updated in workspace it will update on the topbar… Can you help me with this?

I am not sure why you are using :bindEvent then. Dont you just want to go

	Icon:setLabel(musicsong, "hovering")
	Icon:setLabel(musicsong, "deselected")
	Icon:setLabel(musicsong, "selected")

read the docs, I have to use it…

Also i tried that and it didnt work.

Indeed bindEvent takes a function as the second parameter, not a RBXScriptConnection (based on the documentation). I’ve never used TopbarPlus, so I have zero knowledge, but I assume your code will be similar to this:

musicsong.Changed:Connect(function() -- Firstly, this is incorrect. Because this will listen to ANY changes in this instance. You should use :GetPropertyChangedSignal("Property") instead.
    Icon:setLabel(Label, IconName)

I have read them it didnt say anything about using :BindEvent

I tried this however i got this.

your wrong, musicsong is workspace.currentsong.Value sir/madam.

Oh, true. But did you even try the approach yet? I seem to have obtained more information and think I can help more now.

Also i have tried that however it wasnt changing it but no errors.

So either Musicsong or the .changed event do not exist. Check that you didnt type it in wrong, because I cant help if they dont exist, Im only working with what I have been told does exist.

Hi Kieranl, have a try with this:

:bindEvent("deselected", function(icon)
	icon:setLabel(musicsong, "hovering")
	icon:setLabel(musicsong, "deselected")
	icon:setLabel(musicsong, "selected")

This will make it so it is updated when it changes correct?

That one is binded to the deselected event. There’s also a toggled event which fires when selected and deselected. You can find all the event names here:

How do i make it so that when musicsong is changed the text will change?

This should do the trick:

local GROUP_ID = 11587846
local player = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer
local rank = player:GetRoleInGroup(GROUP_ID)
local rankid = player:GetRankInGroup(GROUP_ID)
local playerGui = player.PlayerGui 
local gui = playerGui:WaitForChild("settings")
local settings1 = gui.settings
local credits = playerGui:WaitForChild("credits").credits
local Icon = require(game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").Icon)

local musicsong = workspace.currentsong

if rankid == 0 then
	rank = "✅| Visitor"
	:setSize(100, 32)
	:setLabel(rank, "deselected")
	:setLabel(rank, "selected")
	:setLabel("RankID: " .. rankid, "hovering")
	:bindEvent("selected", function()
		settings1.Visible = true
	:bindEvent("deselected", function()
		settings1.Visible = false
	:bindEvent("selected", function()
		credits.Visible = true
	:bindEvent("deselected", function()
		credits.Visible = false

Thank you very much… If I need help again I will let you know!