Hidable Topbar!

It would be perfect if we could click guis and not just see them though.
But this is better than not even have the option.

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I agree, sadly it’s not a thing. Hopefully, Roblox will look into this, since the feature was just released. I’d wait a bit and see what happens.

So happy. qq All we need now is a way to allow clicks to go through the topbar and allowing us to just set the topbar’s transparency to 1 (white topbar pls.)

Does anyone have a link to the chat script source they use? I’d like to check out their multiline chat thing for my own chat system. :’) sniffs

You can find a list of all of their corescripts here: https://github.com/ROBLOX/Core-Scripts

What they use to wrap multiline chat is a member of TextService, but that’s locked, so you’ll need to make your own equivalent. I made one for when I was making my own chat though if you want to use it: http://pastebin.com/ErLmUjUL It has caching built in because that’s something the ROBLOX chat did and I was aiming to emulate the ROBLOX chat as closely as possible functionality-wise. If you don’t like it, feel free to remove it because the code will work without it, and getting something’s text size isn’t very resource intensive to begin with.


It just allows us to revert the update that implemented the topbar. (mostly)
You should be saying it’s the best (optional) downgrade in a long time.

[size=4]Also: grrr Pk y u evrywhere[/size]


@einsteinK’s proposal just got closed with the response “This is on purpose for the time being”.

Looks like there’ll be no choice. Hey, maybe they’ll finally allow input behind the topbar in another year?


Guess we’re stuck with using UIS (until they block that “offscreen” coordinates?)

It’s too often I find on ROBLOX I have to use silly hacks to accomplish simple things. :confused:


As a ROBLOX scripter, that’s one of my slogans.


Not sure if this has been asked before but what are the sizes for the drop down button for the main menu?

the topbar height is 36, not sure about the icon.

The hamburger icon is 32px by 25px

Found it here


Was this rolled back? Returned an error saying it wasn’t registered.

Are you doing it from a localscript in StarterPlayerScripts? They run really early, so you may need to wait a little in order to give the corescript enough time to set itself up. The corescript is what disables the topbar, so if it isn’t listening yet, disabling the topbar wouldn’t work.

Ahhh, that was the problem. My bad.

It’s a really obscure issue – it’d be nice if the error was more clear i.e. “CoreScript has not finished setting up” or something like that.

This makes me want to add a signal that fires when CoreScripts are finished setting up. Should be fairly straightforward.


How can I ensure that the CoreScript is ready before trying to disable the top bar?

pcall() until it works for now

How do I tell when it finally gets hidden?