Hidable Topbar!

Fixing the offset situation is objectively better.

ScreenGui.AbsolutePosition would normally be the correct way to get the offset, but it’s always set to (0,0). This makes it impossible to get the offset in a future-proof way. The only solutions are to put a (0,36) constant somewhere in your code and hope the inner (upper/left) offset is never changed, or you can compare ScreenGui.AbsoluteSize with Camera.ViewportSize, and once again hope the outer (bottom/right) offset is never changed.

If we assume that the outer offset will remain unchanged, then you can make sure your games won’t break right now by getting the offset in the following way:

ScreenGuiOffset = Camera.ViewportSize - ScreenGui.AbsoluteSize

Then, if the fix goes through, you can transition to using ScreenGui.AbsolutePosition without any problems.

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Can you guys not disable the chat/backpack on PC/Mac? We have key binds to activate things, and we shouldn’t necessarily need to implement our own custom UI for this.


I don’t know about anyone else but…

I think this was probably the most wanted change of the year and I couldn’t be happier. It enables us to use more precious mobile screen space if we decide to make our games mobile compatible and properly immerse players to our own game with our own UI colours.

hamburger icon at last <3


So all it does is change the transparency? It doesn’t really seem different. Things that should be at the top of the screen are still placed below the transparent topbar that is still there.

You can use a negative pixel offset of 36 pixels on your GUIs to make it seem like the transparent topbar isn’t there at all.


So you can click the guis you place offset, or does it not click? i remember making it offset with topbar, it would not let you click buttons etc.

The Topbar just has BackgroundTransparency 1, but it’s still “visible”.
Since it’s Active property is set to true, it doesn’t let clicks through.
And because PlayerGuis render under CoreGui, this means your buttons won’t be clickable.


That’s really sad though, i wish we were let to use the space.


There is a work around for this though. You can use UIS to get the location of any mouse clicks and compare that location with any buttons you have placed under the top bar. Doing this you can make the GUIs look like they are normal clickable GUIs, it’s just a bit more difficult.

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Why should we have to work around this by recreating GUI mouse events from scratch? Staff should merge in einsteinK’s PR: https://github.com/ROBLOX/Core-Scripts/compare/master...einsteinK:patch-1


Whilst I’d love to reclaim those 36 pixels, the fact that other core UI elements including chat are taken away is a major problem for me. I’m sure others would agree.


I’m glad this finally became a thing, it opens up more space on the screen. :slight_smile:

Only space, but you can’t use that space xD because you can’t click buttons there.
You can only show guis there.

True, but you can create your own top bar. So, it could be useful for message display, etc

It would be perfect if we could click guis and not just see them though.
But this is better than not even have the option.

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I agree, sadly it’s not a thing. Hopefully, Roblox will look into this, since the feature was just released. I’d wait a bit and see what happens.

So happy. qq All we need now is a way to allow clicks to go through the topbar and allowing us to just set the topbar’s transparency to 1 (white topbar pls.)

Does anyone have a link to the chat script source they use? I’d like to check out their multiline chat thing for my own chat system. :’) sniffs

You can find a list of all of their corescripts here: https://github.com/ROBLOX/Core-Scripts

What they use to wrap multiline chat is a member of TextService, but that’s locked, so you’ll need to make your own equivalent. I made one for when I was making my own chat though if you want to use it: http://pastebin.com/ErLmUjUL It has caching built in because that’s something the ROBLOX chat did and I was aiming to emulate the ROBLOX chat as closely as possible functionality-wise. If you don’t like it, feel free to remove it because the code will work without it, and getting something’s text size isn’t very resource intensive to begin with.


It just allows us to revert the update that implemented the topbar. (mostly)
You should be saying it’s the best (optional) downgrade in a long time.

[size=4]Also: grrr Pk y u evrywhere[/size]


@einsteinK’s proposal just got closed with the response “This is on purpose for the time being”.

Looks like there’ll be no choice. Hey, maybe they’ll finally allow input behind the topbar in another year?