Hinge Constraint not replicating to client

I am working on a cable car framework with a hinge constraint. Apparently it does not replicating to the client.

The cabin is mainly being spitted into 2 parts,
The upper part includes an anchored root part, it welds other upper parts to keep them glued together and acts as a motor to keep the cabin moving by CFrame.

The second part is the cabin itself, it also has a root part to weld other parts. Everything is unanchored.

I use a HingeConstraint to simulate the cabin physics. Every part is Massless except the cabin root part to simulate the cabin’s density for the correct hinge simulation.

Here is the cabin at it’s expected behavior when running the game in Studio.

However, there seems to be a replication problem. The Hinge does not hold 2 parts together.

This can be fixed when I set every unanchored part’s network ownership to the player manually. However this isn’t a consistent fix as there will be a lot of cabins and players.

How do I fix this?

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This is confirmed to be a bug.

If you are using a HingeConstraint for the cabin swinging, why not use a PrismaticConstraint for the motion?
It works great on a crane I created. The PrismaticConstraint moves the carriage forward/back. There’s another for up and down, and the clamshell bucket swings back and forth on a HingeConstraint just like your cabin.


If I am not wrong I believe the real life model only swings forward and backward - But does using a PrismaticConstraint solves this replication issues while producing the similar output?

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I’ve had good luck testing using the Prismatic and Hinge Constraints in my place. It does seem a bit laggy in the Server though.
I know NetworkOwnership is probably the issue. I’m going to look at that next for my place. I also have a lot of moving Parts in my place which could explain the lag issue.

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