Hinge not working

Hello devforum, I am trying to make a boat, but the vehicle seat is not detecting the hinge for some reason:

Thanks for reading.

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You have auto-welding on, try disabling the auto-welding feature. Can be found here as well:


still not working https://gyazo.com/f110d11ffe1833605f51181672edab25

I don’t think it updates live, try testing and see if it actually detects it through testing rather through editing.

tested and this hapenned image

Try grouping the boat, insert a script inside the model and then write


tbh this is kinda bad practice

Woops, forgot about this:


So I have to use hinge constraints to make the boat?

Yes, but you can still use the legacy method if you desire to.

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The hinge constraint doesnt work either:


I have no exact clue how they work now. I’m pretty sure most of the vehicles are scripted than physics-based.


That sucks because now trying to update a wheel’s acceleration while running the game doesnt work anymore eg like updating Torque to any number and physically it takes effect of the vehicle so now were left with using NumberValues for a script to change a
MotorMaxTorque value of the hinge constraints and those do not update while running the game when changing the NumberValues

for more info please read my post

But how do I use the old method if hinges dont work?

It is written on the aforementioned announcement post. They have a specific function to do so.

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One thing. So, in a boat model I want to replicate moves using theseimage
That boat uses hinges.
I wanted to ask if I rotate that using CFrame, will it still work like with hinges and move on water?

If you rotate the root of the assembly, yes. Only if you don’t manipulate the Position, then you would need CFrame.Angles.