Hiring 1 or more Builder[s] for Horror game

Hello my name is Ragon and I am currently looking for 1 or more Builder[s] to help me continue making my map[s].

The Builder[s] must be dedicated towards their Builds otherwise it would have no meaning to me and/or Development, they also must include previous work.

About the Project:
The Project is named ‘The Horror Multiverse’ and it is all about putting your favorite Horror Characters within a game and just have fun in general.

This will be either negotiable or you can do it voluntarily. We will discuss this once we come upon an agreement.

The tasks will most likely be Buildings, houses, places, etc.
These will be given after the Builder[s] have been hired.

Feel free to ask me any questions on here or contact me on:
Discord: Ragon#0047.
Twitter: GrievousSWU


I can work for you, I’ve currently helped build 1 game with other people.
I am a builder so I cant script or anything else except build.

Here are some images of my work

The one above is Low-Poly

Hope you will hire me. :slight_smile:

Contact me on Discord Or on Developer Forums:

Hi, do you need help making your game more realistic/scary? I can help, I do lighting. Here is my portfolio, I can’t wait to get in contact!

No need. I’m good on lighting, but thanks for the offer anyway!

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I personally recommend @Gucci_Dabs222, his work was excellent when he worked at my dev team.

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