[HIRING | 35k Robux] Hiring a Map Builder

Job Information

I am looking for a builder to create a map for an exploration horror game I am working on, known as Shogun Forest. As a builder, you will be creating the entirity of the map, which is a forest with some landmarks, including:

  • Towers
  • A cave
  • A graveyard

In-depth detail will be provided privately. The map won’t be extremely detailed, but it should look good.

Job Requirements

  • Must have a Discord account
  • Must be active. The deadline for the map is by the end of this month (it can be extended if needed)
  • Must have strong communication skills
  • Must be 13 years old or older
  • Must have experience working with Roblox Studio. A minimum experience of 1 year is recommended.
  • Must be comfortable building buildings and nature related things (trees, rocks, etc.)
  • Must be good with creating good lighting
  • Have a portfolio ready to present

Nice to Have

  • Experience with Blender (which will increase your pay if you want to work on some meshed assets needed!)
  • Have a creative mindset
  • Familiar with one or more of the following genres: Horror, Surreal, Abstract


Payment will 35k robux via group funds, but can increase if needed. Payment will go up to 50k robux if you are also capable of meshing certain assets that are needed as well.


You can contact me on Discord:



hello I am sorta intrested, could you send some reference images so I know what the builds are about.?

Hello! :wave:

I’m interested in the position. You can view my portfolio here. If I’m accepted, I will be asking quite a few questions so I can create the map as best as possible. I have experience with blender, and I am familiar with horror/abandoned game genres.

Coney#8079 (Send me a FR on discord if I’m chosen, thanks.)


CallMeJ on discord, JackADevil's building portfolio

I LOVE HORROR, willing too do 20k due too not having blender experience & also horror being great.

Please contact me on Discord at mrbobbilly#9131 or on Roblox at mrbobbilly. I would love to make a map for you, I’ll show a few examples on Discord to you that you’ll really like

Interested, Arc#2777.

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