[HIRING] 3D artist to model mythical monster morphs

Greetings! :wave:

I am looking to hire an advanced and skilled 3D artist to make various mythical monsters/creatures for a game I am working on. These monsters will be primarily based on mythology.

About The Job

I will commission an experienced modeler to create these monsters using a 3D modeling software.

I will need the following monsters done:

(please google them to get a better idea of what I want. I will provide pictures to you on Discord as well, if you’re hired)

  • Minotaur
  • Cyclops
  • Ghoul
  • Wendigo
  • Medusa

They should all be realistic. The goal in mind is to make them as scary-looking as possible without altering how they are supposed to look. Like I said, I will be providing reference images via Discord if you aren’t quite sure on exactly how I want them to look.


I am paying 7,000 Robux OR $14 USD via PayPal per model. As our game releases, I am expecting you to continue to make models of different monsters for us. This is a loose, long-term job. Please only respond if you are able to fulfill this requirement, and to stay active and on top of things.

You can contact me here on the DevForum, or on Discord. (Zombie#2336) — Please let me know what you Discord username is when you add me, as I have many requests.

Please also show me your past work and credentials when applying for this job, and please be professional and active.

Thank you for reading! :smiley:


Changed the payment, increased it a bit.

As a 3D modeler myself, this price range MIGHT be what some people would creat just one monster for. I understand that this may be your max budget, but I thought I might give you a heads up.

I said that I am paying 7,000 Robux/$14 USD per each model. Unless you mean something else…?

Oh my bad, didn’t notice the per model part! I also did the math, and 7k Robux is worth $24.50 USD, not $14.(DevEx rates)

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