Hiring 3d Modelers/Builders/Vehicle Scripter [Closed]

Nado Interactive

A development team that works to provide great quality games. Previously worked in developing RTS games where you command your own armies but is now shifting toward open world games.

The Team

Owner - @GoldStorm950
Lead Scripter - @GoldStorm950
Vehicle Scripter - Empty
3d Modeler [Weapons/Character Customization] - Empty
3d Modeler [Vehicles, Aircraft, Boats] - Empty
Builder/3d Modeler - Empty

Who I am

I am a scripter, builder, modeler, UI designer, and I can texture as well. Here’s my scripting portfolio. I would be able to develop this whole game solo if needed aka I can do anything although I’d rather not.
GoldStorm950 - Scripting Portfolio [Not for hire]

The Game

The Game

The game is styled after GTA 5. There’s no drugs don’t worry. Players will be able to explore an open-world map while robbing many places and completing heists. They can also drive vehicles and boats, fly aircraft, own businesses/apartments/homes, etc. The games development will begin mid April.

The Twist: You can be a cop. Being a cop is different than being a cop in jailbreak. Just like in GTA you can earn stars for doing crime. As a cop, you have to hunt down those with stars for big cash bonuses depending on the amount of stars. You will have a map that displays people with stars. Criminals will gain automatic 5 stars after completing heists (while they drive to their destination.) There is no jail however the criminal will have a punishment for dying. The game should be simple to understand to the point that a tutorial is not required.

Currently I have worked on guns for 2 days and they’re looking very good. There’s still stuff to work on for them though. I also explored creating a helicopter and it’s coming out well for the first helicopter I’ve coded although it’s a bit wobbly. Note that the helicopter was scripted in about 5 hours so 1 day of work. Outrun - Roblox. Walk up to the heli and press E to get in. Hold E to change seats. Space to jump out.

Available Jobs
Please open up the job descriptions and actually take a look at them. Too many people contact me without reading them.



The vehicle scripter would create vehicles such as cars, boats, and aircraft. You should have plenty of experience with vehicles prior to this job. Jets must shoot rockets and fire bullets. Humvee’s should be able to have rotating turrets. Sport cars should have the ability to drift. Vehicle control is similar to gta. They will have to be on the team full time even after release as new vehicles would come in updates.

3d Modeler(Weapons/Character Customization)

3d Modeler [VWeapons/Character Customization]

The 3d modeler will model weapons from guns to swords. They will also create vests and helmets. Finally, when not working on guns or swords they will assist the builder/3d modeler so they must be capable of doing that job aswell. All 3d modelers must produce the models with good collisions. We don’t want people floating.

3d Modeler(Vehicles, Aircraft, Boats)

3d Modeler [Vehicles, Aircraft, Boats]

The 3d modeler will model Vehicles, Aircraft, and Boats. That can include tanks, humvees, jeeps, sport cars, helicopters, planes, yachts, etc. All 3d modelers must produce the models with good collisions. We don’t want people floating.

Builder/3d Modeler

Builder/3d Modeler

The builder/3d Modeler will build the map including buildings, roads, etc. There will be interiors to buildings however it will be like in gta where the player is teleported to the interior. They will also create assets with their 3d modeling skills. Builds look 10x better when they’re created in blender rather than parts in roblox therefore builders must know modeling. If they do not know it, it’s extremely easy to learn and I highly recommend that you watch some youtube tutorials on it. Personally, I was skepitcal to learn but it turned out to be the easiest thing ever. All 3d modelers must produce the models with good collisions. We don’t want people floating.

Example of the build style:

[Not quite as detailed as this]


Before you check out because it’s percentage, check out my portfollio in the team section, along with the game. The idea is solid, and this team has a capable scripter of putting the game together.

Lead Developer - 34%
Scripter - 150k $R + 20%
3d Modeler [Weapons/Character Customization] - 50k + 15%
3d Modeler [Vehicles, Aircraft, Boats] - 50k + 16%
Builder/3d Modeler - 50k + 15%

Contact me by being professional and using grammar. Saying ‘hi’ makes me believe you are a noob. Explain who you are, what position you’re gunning for, and provide some examples of your work.


I can do the GFX Wizzardofazz#8707 (CLOSED!) Jackman13799 / GFX

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Sent you a friend request on Discord.

I’m interested in the vehicle modeler position! I added you on Discord under the same username as here.

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I updated the positions and payment. The vehicle scripter will get 150k robux along with 20% of profits. The 3d modelers/builders will get 50k + 15%. No longer looking for a GFX artist.

Only contact me if you’re a very good dev. I will not choose the developers until the beginning of April and we will begin development in mid April.

I can do programming, contact me on discord. I’ll send friend request, Skylexion#1457

Thank you. I added you on discord, Send work. Remember I’m not picking until the beginning of April as I am currently working on a commission right now for the owner of EOT so that I can fund this project. The commission will be done by then.

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Interested in 3D modeller position, DMed on discord. :slight_smile:

Interested for the Builder/3d Modeler or 3d Modeler [Weapons/Character Customization]. Added you on discord as #DrDarkEssence#4118.

Hello. I am looking forward to work with you.

I am not a modeller, but a builder. I mostly build anything except for houses and maps.

You can check out my portfolio if you wish.

Sorry but the builder has to know how to 3d model. Your builds are in my opinion very good however using meshparts via blender or other software dramatically decreases the part count and lag in the game, and also looks better. And no, you cannot just export your builds as obj since building in blender will still look 20x better and will have a noticable difference in triangles. I suggest that you learn blender as your builds will look far better. I was always putting off learning but once I finally did I realized how easy it was.

@GGenderYT is an amazing modeler! 10/10 reccomendation

HI I am interested in the builder/3d modeler. What is the style of the builds. would there be interiors for the houses? And for the 2d modeler weapon/character customization, how complicated would these weapons be? Thanks.

Thank you, I updated the post with pictures. Yes, there would be interiors however it doesn’t actually have to go inside the exterior since when a player wants to go in a house, it will teleport them to a interior.

And I presume this is low poly? if so then after my current commision I might hit up a message. My current portfolio is very disproportionate to what I provide a the moment and if you really wanna see what I have been able to build then feel free to hit me up. Thanks.

Yeah the game is low poly although you can see from the picture that the buildings have some more detail. Hit me up whenever, I am not picking until the beginning of april.

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I’m a builder

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