Hiring a Builder and Modeler for New Project! (Well Paid)

Hello! Sadly, I haven’t made a Portfolio on Developer Forum yet. However, you may contact me via Discord. My discord is; The Black Mamba#0001

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Hello I’m a builder Roblox Username [ImFatBoiHowAboutYou] and I can build whatever you desire :smiley:

You can look at the build I made made so far on my Roblox group

I also helped another person by building him a desert Bio

Please Consider Hiring me. Because I love to build and will put in 100% of effort

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Hello! I am interested, here is a link to my portfolio; [OPEN] Simpxly's Portfolio 2020

And here is my Discord : Simpxly#8688

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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I’d like to apply. Some passed work;

Uploading: 75058C72-3E9A-41D4-B979-A202E3E4BF08.jpeg…

I’m interested in builder position.
Discord: Necrophosy#9321

I am very interested in this work, I am a very experienced 3d modeler with a bit over 2 years of experience, i am specialized in low-poly creation, Contact me on discord; you would not regret it, I can show you my past work. Discord: SIMPGOD999#9843

Hello, I am a 3D Modeler for 2 years now and have loads of experience :slight_smile:

Hello! I’m interested. nateybb#0001

I can provide more work in DM’s.

I would like to apply for the builder position. Discord is JolyWizard#5839 My portfolio: [OPEN] JolyWizard | Builder Portfolio

Hey I wanna apply for modeler, 1BL1ZZARD | Modeler dm at ItWasANewWorld#7878