Hiring a Developer to assist me

Thanks! I will fix it up soon!

Im very interested please contact me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/skeletonbloxyt

I do not have Twitter, Contact me through Discord

Discord deactivated my account :confused:

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Oh, Ok

Uh, Create a new one, maybe?

i can’t you need a new email and the email I am using right now is very important

OK, Then what spot were you looking for?

Scripter …is that what you mean?


Message me through Dev Forum in Private Messages

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Check this reply, might change your idea of hiring ProGamerResul5566.

I have Hired Him, is he not good?

Mk, I will look at it now! I hope I made the right choice

I’m interested , please accept my friend request in discord !

I am interested in the GFX spot. I will send you a message.

Hi! Im interested in Builder, contact me in Discord: chilakil1231#8909
Have a nice weekend!

I’m interested in the GFX Artist Position. I have added you on Discord. My Username and Identifier is Maestrius#6181

if you have a place i can join im a good builder i have experience in groups and heres my disc jailbreak#7767

Hey, i saw you didn’t have a 3D modeler in your team, would you need one ?

If so, here’s my previous work : https://devforum.roblox.com/t/my-low-poly-models/

Hi, we do have a 3D modeler on standby but thanks for replying

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