Hiring A Scripter and a UI Designer for clicking simulator game

Hi there! I’m working on a clicking game called “Tapping Elites” and i’m trying to find somebody that knows how to script a simulator game and a ui designer that has experience. I currently have a scripter but he only knows how to script a little bit of simulator because he only scripts building games and rpg games. So if there is anybody that can script simulators please contact me. We will invest about 10k

Scripter = 25 - 30%
UI Designer 15%

13 years and older
knows how to speak English

Contact me =
PrestigeBuilds#4927 on discord. I will be accepting people.

You gotta show proof before we hire you.
We also have a modeler to make the pets and stuff.


Interested, my discord is Brady#7991.

I can script a simulator in a day. Is there any backup payment?

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Hi im interested, i can do both of the jobs, my disc is: Azerator#4434

I’m interested. I sent you a friend request on discord.

My Discord: Tadd#4382
My Required Pay: Nothing

Alright, I sent a friend request and show examples.

I sent a friend request make sure to add me! :slight_smile:

Ide like too be the logo designner.
portfolio: Sharkefex's UI And logo design portfolio [2020] [OPEN]

read the full post for contact and more info.

Hmmmm, I will see but how much % would you take?

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it says in my portfolio! i can lower it a little if you wana

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