Hiring a Scripter + UI Designer [Simulator]

Hey everyone, I’m Iceblaster500. I’m looking for some people who would be interested in working on a promising game idea.

Check out what I currently scripted: The Game - Roblox

Roles Needed
UI Designer

About The Job

This game will be a simulator. Scripter should have experience writing code on the client side. UI designer must create a simple, beautiful interface that is easy for the player to use.

The goal is to get this project finished within 2 months (or less).


Scripter - $120 USD via Paypal + 20% of the game
UI Designer - $40 USD via Paypal
If you can take on both roles, I’ll combine the two offers.


13 years or older to apply. Drop your discord name and portfolio below.


I’m interested :slight_smile:

Not A Game Developer#7670

Hey! I’d like to become the Scripter/Programmer for this project and I have a portfolio, and any other stuff that you might need! Recently my discord account has been deleted for reasons I do not understand, but my new one is FriendlyBuilder24#9768! Thank you for your time…

I am a UI designer. My discord is GoldenEye#4063

im a ui designer! https://devforum.roblox.com/t/open-astraaxis-ui-designer-creative-director-game-designer-and-planner-render-artist-composer-and-graphic-designer/510955

I’m interested in working as a scripter! I’m HokkerZiePocker#2546

I’m interested in this project.
My Portfolio

I may be interested in scripting.


I’m still looking for a scripter. If you are really familiar with scripting pets and scripting on the client side, let me know. As for the UI designer, I probably won’t be hiring one until I find a scripter.

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Add me on discord : PirateDev#0001
Past work :
[OPEN] Wqund - Scripter

I’m interested, I’m a scripter and GUI designer, you can find my portfolio over here:

Discord: IggyDev#5265

Past work (sorry, I still need to update my portfolio /:slight_smile:


Also made a simulator for a YouTuber with 100K+ subscribers.

Edit: For more work DM me.

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